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Created from own need

While studying medicine, the founder of Braincaps was busy with all kinds of side activities. For example, he was a board member of the student council of the VU medical center Amsterdam in order to represent the voice of the students and ensure the quality of the study. In addition, he could regularly be found in the gym. Combining all this was not exactly easy. Like most people, he also sought refuge in coffee, more and more coffee. The caffeine in coffee worked fine initially, but the effectiveness declined.

This got him thinking:

‘’Can we enhance the effect of caffeine? Are there other natural substances that also have a positive effect on the brain? And if so, what happens when we combine them?’’

A powerful supplement

The issues soon translated into concrete actions and many studies.

He went into research and looked for natural and safe substances that were scientifically proven to have beneficial effects on brain functions. After a strict selection he had made three variants with different dosages. These three variants were tested by many fellow students at the VU Amsterdam.

The best variant was eventually named Braincaps Boost: The Netherlands’ first supplement to boost mental performance, when you need it!


Braincaps has grown into a company that specializes in supplements for the brain and mental well-being. Besides the Braincaps Boost we develop other products that support the brain in other areas, such as stress, sleep problems or general fitness.

With your feedback and our knowledge the Braincaps team is continuously working on improving the products and developing new products. This way Braincaps can continue to support you in your path to success!